The Delion company was created in 2016 by Justine Delion, a student of decorative arts.  

Her passion for drawing, painting and fashion flourished at a very young age.

After having travelled the world looking for new trends, she realized that swimsuits play a very important part in feminine elegance. Realizing  that none of the available swimsuits show of the female body to its best advantage, Justine decided to launch this incredible adventure, and she created the Delion family business.

This company values French savoir faire and hand made products above all. The Delion team is young and dynamic, with a goal to enhance today's trends and create new ones.

The company, with an international perspective, offers a range of products that will suit everybody. Satisfying you with our products is our first goal.  For a long time, we had been longing to create our own brand. So here is the first part of the Delion collection. We hope you will enjoy it.